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BIBERA, John Neil C. Records
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MSU-IIT's Students Academic Information Through Data Visualization
(A My.IIT Subsystem)



Computer systems used by many organizations generate and store large amounts of data from their day-to-day transactions. As management people are in constant challenge to make decisions quickly with less time on data analysis, the need for data visualization techniques continues to increase as well. Moreover, data visualizations are used to represent data graphically. This aids people in analyzing and interpreting the entire dataset at once, and allows data items to be freed from rows and tables and presented in ways that are much more interesting and easier to understand. Thus, it provides modes to visually display unexpected relationships and trends, uncover complexities and capture hidden patterns of failure and success.

One such organization which makes use of computer applications to do its business is the Iligan Institute of Technology of the Mindanao State University (MSU-IIT). It has an estimated student population of 11,500 each year, 3,500 of which are freshmen, enrolled in more than 115 academic programs. Every year, the student academic data increases as new students are admitted in the Institute, plus those of old students’ enrolment data. Currently, the Institute uses an in-house application, called the electronic School Management System or the e.SMS to manage these data. Reports required by the management and other government agencies, such as DOST and CHED, can be easily generated from the e.SMS. However, for data analysis purposes, these reports are not enough, since they are not visually presented out of the box (i.e, they still have to be exported to spreadsheet applications, like Excel, to produce charts and graphs). In this study, the researchers propose a data visualization framework for student academic data that will be incorporated into the My.IIT Students, Faculty and Staff portal and will only be made available to authorized users.