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Now, in partnership with Google, Inc. through Google Apps Education Edition (subscribed since 2007), My.IIT gives you the following services, using just one, SINGLE SIGN-ON (SSO) account...

  • G.MSUIIT Mail

    • With over 7GB of space that’s constantly growing, you can forget about quotas.
    • Keep unwanted messages out of your inbox with Google's powerful spam blocking technology
    • Keep any message you might need down the road, and then find it fast with Google search
    • Send mail, read new messages and search your archives instantly from your phone
  • G.MSUIIT Calendar

    • Organize your schedule and share events with ease.
    • Share events and whole calendars with other people you need to stay in sync with
    • See your own agenda next to calendars shared with you to see the big picture
    • Stay on schedule on-the-go with mobile access and even SMS appointment reminders
  • G.MSUIIT Drive

    • Keep your documents current.
      It's easy to make sure everyone sees the most updated version of your file, everytime. When there are multiple people editing at once, we'll keep a record so you can see who added and deleted what, when.
    • Edit your documents and spreadsheets from anywhere.
      All you need is a Web browser - your documents and spreadsheets are stored securely online. To work on documents offline, or distribute them as attachments, simply save a copy to your own computer in the format that works best for you.
    • Share changes in real-time.
      Invite people to your documents/spreadsheets and make changes together, at the same time. Your sharing tools are integrated with your Gmail contact list so it's easy to invite new collaborators and viewers within an organization.
  • G.MSUIIT Sites

    • Create rich web pages easily
    • Collect all your info in one place
    • Control who can view and edit
  • G.MSUIIT Groups

    • Create and manage group mailing lists without the help of an administrator
    • Manage your memberships and settings directly from a convenient web interface
    • View and search across archives of existing group communications
    • Star and monitor topics of interest to you

Plus, My.IIT will assist you in doing university-related transactions within MSU-IIT and keeps you updated...

  • For Students
    • Electronic Copy of the Certificate of Registration (COR)
    • Grades Inquiry and Evaluation of Records
    • INC Grade Monitor
    • List of Liabilites (Clearance Items)
    • Class Schedule
    • Course Enlistment
    • Course Offering (Subject Actual Count)
  • For Faculty and Lecturers
    • Teaching Load of the Current Semester
    • List of Subjects Handled (Class Lists and Report of Grades Entry)
    • Class Advisees Monitor
    • SMS Blast
    • Class Schedule
    • Course Enlistment
    • INC Grade Monitor
    • Payroll Information
    • Property Accountability Receipt (PAR) / Inventory and Custodian Slip (ICS)
    • Leave Management (For Regular Faculty only)
    • MSU-IIT Document Managemenent System (MSU-IIT Docs)
  • For Staff
    • Payroll Information
    • Leave Management (For casual and regular employee only)
    • Daily Time Record (DTR)
    • Tardy / Undertime Record
    • Service Record
    • Property Accountability Receipt (PAR) / Inventory and Custodian Slip (ICS)
    • MSU-IIT Document Managemenent System (MSU-IIT Docs)